2013, 2014 Partner – The Salt Mines Coworking Space

CCC’s 2013 Writer Members receive discounts and opportunities with a variety of Central Ohio businesses and organizations.  One such opportunity is a substantial discount on coworking space.

We’re delighted to partner with The Salt Mines (http://saltmines.us), which proudly offers coworking space in North and South Clintonville.  Writers, designers and all other types of professionals can visit The Salt Mines to borrow workspace on a day-to-day basis.

This is a great opportunity for writers to get out of the home office (or living room chair) to create some dedicated time and space for your craft.

Columbus Creative Cooperative Writer Members receive a $3 discount off the regular $15 day rate and half off the first month.  You’ll receive a workstation for the day, high speed wireless internet, and free coffee.

There are usually other folks working that you can interact with and bounce ideas off of, or you can be left alone to pound away at the keyboard in your distraction-free little world.

To receive this discount, you must be a 2013, 2014 Writer Member with a CCC membership card.  Membership only costs $15, and your membership card will be sent in the mail in a couple of days.  You can register here.

The Salt Mines also offers reasonably priced monthly rates for those looking for an every day workspace.

Learn more about The Salt Mines on their website: http://saltmines.us

Have questions about CCC membership?  Please contact us.

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