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Membership Information

Anyone can become a member of Columbus Creative Cooperative. Columbus Creative Cooperative offers several membership levels with a variety of priveleges. We hope you decide to register today.

All paid memberships are annual subscriptions and will be active for one year from the date of your payment. Peer (free) memberships do not expire. If the annual subscription is not paid, all memberships revert to peer memberships until a membership payment is received.

Peer Member

  • Free!
  • Submit Your Work for Publication and Contests!
  • Access Workshop Information

Peer Membership is free! As a peer member, you'll gain access to additional features at, including the ability to submit your work for anthologies and contests.

Writer Member

  • Only $15 per year
  • All Benefits of Peer Membership +
  • Membership Card
  • Access to Writers Forum
  • Discounts with Partner Businesses
  • Additional Submissions for Anthologies
  • Advance Notice of Projects
  • Assist in Anthology Selection Process
  • Discounts on Books

A Writer Membership costs only $15 per year. In addition to the features listed for the Peer and Reader Members, and a membership card, this membership comes with tons of additional benefits! You'll get great discounts with all of our partner organizations and businesses in the community, as well as access to the CCC forum where you can get and share feedback with other writers, learn about worldwide publishing opportunities, and more. This membership will also entitle you to extra submissions for all anthologies (peer members receive only 1), advanced notice of all publication projects, and the ability to participate in the selection process for all of our anthologies.

Sponsor Member

  • $100 per year
  • All Benefits of Writer & Peer Membership +
  • Name, Business and Link posted on Sponsor Page
  • Author Prices on All Books
  • Membership Card
  • Access to Writers Forum
  • Discounts with Partner Businesses
  • Additional submissions for anthology projects
  • Advance Notice of Projects
  • Help Select Work for Anthologies
  • Discounts on Books
  • Submit your work for publication and contests.
  • Free Vendor Program Application

A Sponsor Membership costs $100 per year. In addition to the features and benefits of Writer Membership, Sponsor Members will have their name, business (if desired) and link (if desired) posted on our sponsor page. We rely on our Sponsor Members to help us fund new projects and initiatives, and sincerely appreciate the support of our Sponsor Members.

Sponsor Members also have the fee waived for our vendor program application, to have your books distributed by CCC.

We hope that you decide to register today, and become an official member of Columbus Creative Cooperative. We really appreciate your support of our project! Please contact us with any questions.