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Local Business Support

Columbus Creative Cooperative relies on the support of local businesses. The two best ways for local businesses to support us are to sponsor our published materials, and retail our books at your location.

Sponsor Our Printed Material

Columbus Creative Cooperative would love for you to sponsor one of our books!

Book sponsorship isn't a traditional opportunity for businesses, but it is a highly effective one. The quality of impressions that you receive from a book advertisement are much, much more effective than traditional print media (like newspapers and magazines) or the internet.

Customers who purchase books are much more likely to carefully read it cover to cover than purchasers of newspapers or magazines. In addition, that book will likely stay in their posession for years to come and be frequently visited. Library copies will stay in circulation indefinitely, providing you with valuable exposure for the life of the printed book.

For each anthology, we're looking for one primary sponsor to be featured on the back of the cover. This sponsor ad will be seen by every potential customer who even considers purchasing or reading the book.

We're also looking for businesses to sponsor individual stories in the book. A limited number of full-page advertisements are available in the final pages of the book as well.

For more information and pricing, please contact us today!

Retail Our Books

If you're a business with locations in Central Ohio, please consider selling our books from your establishment.

We rely on local retailers and other businesses to help us distribute our books to local readers. In addition, selling our books will raise your value to your existing customer base.

We're happy to provide our books on a wholesale basis, or on consignment. This means that there is no risk to you. If you choose to work with our consignment program, we simply leave some books at your location, then we check in once a month and invoice you only for the books that have sold.

Our wholesale and consignment rates are very generous. Please contact us for more information today.