Cynthia Rosi – Across Town Featured Author

The following is an auto-biography from Across Town: Stories of Columbus contributor Cynthia Rosi.  Across Town is available here for $9.35.

Cynthia’s story, “Near Miss,” is a witty, vibrant romantic comedy that paints a keen picture of Columbus culture.

An editor once told me that being a freelance writer was like putting your head in a meat grinder: why would anyone want to do it?

And yet I’ve been working with words all my life, and my passion for writing doesn’t change.

After landing in Columbus in 2003 from London, England, I spent time writing, editing, and producing 21 episodes of the Conscious Voices program for WCRS, a show which won them a Puffin grant.

I won the Ohio Writer’s Contest, First Place in the short story category for “Salmon” in 2007, and the Christian Science Monitor published my essay, “Tuscan Roots.”  I’ve had articles in The Grapevine, Green Woman, Holistic Discoveries and Dreamweaver magazines.

In London, I’d worked as a Reporter for The Advertiser series of newspapers in North London and The Hornsey Journal. I was a stringer for The Guardian, The Daily Express and The Sun, plus Thames News.

At the same time I chaired the Women Writers’ Network, pitching my novel Motherhunt to a Headline editor and landed a two-book deal, producing my second novel Butterfly Eyes soon after. Since then I’ve written a third novel The LightCatcher, slated for publication this spring as an e-book. I’m currently at work on my fourth novel, and dream of going back to school to take the MFA in Creative Writing.

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