Andrew Miller – Across Town Featured Author

Andrew Miller’s short story “Broken” appears in the most recent CCC anthology,Across Town: Stories of Columbus.  This dark, thoughtful story is a fantastic addition to the Across Town collection.

Andrew is a proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades – though he may not be the one to proclaim it. Mechanic, carpenter, tech support, community organizer, all terms that have been used to describe Andrew, and now fiction author. “Broken” is his first recognized foray into short stories, an art Andrew has come to love and produce regularly. His stories are culled from a life lived on the edges of American culture. From small town to big city, the characters in Andrew’s stories aren’t always likeable, but are always recognizable.

Beginning in 2012, Andrew plans to attend Otterbein University to hone his craft as a creative writer. In his spare time from working for the State of Ohio, Andrew is a freelance journalist for a number of local news organizations, such as WOSU, ThisWeek Community Newspapers and Columbus CEO.

He loves playing with his daughter, Sophie, particularly creating works of art with her and making up adventures on his World War 2-esque Ural sidecar motorbike. You’ll see him sun or snow, traversing the streets of Columbus on that bike. Motorbike or bicycle, he believes two wheels are always better than four.

Andrew lives with Sophie, two cats and his partner, Gail, in their Upper Arlington home, which suffers from a constant state of remodel, thanks to Andrew being that Jack of all trades.

Across Town: Stories of Columbus is now available for sale in paperback for only $9.35, and in a variety of e-book formats including Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Google Books for $4.99.  The book is available for Amazon Kindle for $2.99 for a limited time. Click here to order.