May critical reading is tonight!

Tonight is the night! Join us at 7PM at the Capital Club for a discussion of A Tiny Feast by Chris Adrian.

Questions to ponder beforehand:

  1. This story juxtaposes the fantastic and the tragic. How are the two worlds blended? What details on either side of the coin make this believable? What does this accomplish in the reader?
  2. The main characters are utterly unrealistic yet relatable–what details give them depth? Which bits of dialogue in particular help build the characters?
  3. The boy at the center of the story is kept mostly silent–what does this accomplish?
  4. How does the author shape or present grief in a way that keeps the story from veering into melodrama? How does the sentence structure “package” the grief?

That’s it for questions. Bring your thoughts on this piece and your own questions to tonight’s meeting.

Each month, the reading workshop meets to read the work of a published author from a writer’s perspective, breaking down what makes the story work and why. It’s one of the best ways you can improve as a writer. Never been to a workshop? Check out our FAQ.

This event is free and open to the public, and you do not need to be a CCC member to attend. The Capital Club is located on the lobby floor of the Doubletree Suites Hotel on South Front Street. Get more details in this ancient blog post.

Check back next week when we’ll be posting discussion questions for you to mull over before the meetup.

Questions? Comments? Got a story you’d love to discuss? Send them to the workshop moderator at See you there!