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The Joy of Argument Entries

6 votes!

Why You Should Let Your Mother Die by Valerie Cumming

Because she is sick.

Because she’s stopped taking the pills.

Because the pills didn’t really help that much anyway.

Because the things she forgets are already starting ...Read More

43 votes!

The Art of Boredom: The One Subject American Schools Lack by Diane Kollman

Boredom is an oft-misunderstood art. Technology allows those of today’s generation to constantly occupy their minds with some form of entertainment, whether they be standing

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178 votes!

Taking Recycling to the Next Level by Bob Garrett

Millions of Americans recycle.  Some recycle plastics.  Some recycle organic materials into compost.  You may very well recycle.  However, can you take recycling to the next level?

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42 votes!

A Huge Future by John Vazquez


Some say that a brash, egocentric rich man with no experience in government, elective office or military service is not fit to be president ...Read More

0 votes!

On How the Glass is Neither Half Full Nor Half Empty by Alyssa Clark

We've all heard the simple question 'Is the glass half full or half empty?'.

Half full?  Optimist. 

Half empty?  Pessimist.

But the thing is, the glass is neither half ...Read More

2 votes!

How to Summon a Djinn by Joshua Kimmel

If you clap your hands once very loudly, you may summon a djinn. Most people do not know this. If you surveyed your acquaintances, they would claim there was no such thing, or that it had something

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20 votes!

Join US. Join the U.S. by Linda Marshall

     Now that Great Britain has freed herself from the tyranny of Latvia and other European bullies, she needs an arm around her green and bonny shoulders.

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22 votes!

Everything Should Go to 11-It's 1 Better by Susan Bradley

In today's world, we are surrounded by a variation of numbers-house numbers, the number of ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins, the number of apocalyptic horsemen, and that ridiculous pi.

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4 votes!

War is Good for U.S. by Frederick Flynn

There are many reasons that war is good for the United States and all of humankind and most benefits are from Economic Darwinism and Evolution, being two versions of the survival of

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0 votes!

Status Quo Must Go by Caroline Totten by Caroline Totten

The Brits were right to leave the European Union. Why should they bail out nations that cry  "Bankruptcy" while the leaders of those nations stash billions in Swiss banks?

These hidden billions ...Read More

1 votes!

Chihuahuas Are Demons - Minions of the Abyss by Jordan Kurella


...Read More

7 votes!

That God Might Bestow Upon Humanity the Gift of True Flight by Nick Thomas

To God, Emperor of the Universe, Overlord of Existence,

Oh Lord, we lowly humans who are forever tethered to this giant ball of rock and dirt known ...Read More

3 votes!

PokemonGO much more beneficial than school by Trey Adams


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1 votes!

From Winston to Winston by Aaron Lane

My Dear Friend,

                I write you today not from atop a pedestal nor from ...Read More

15 votes!

On Instituting Mandatory Daily Slappings by Dylan Taylor-Lehman

I am in favor of instituting mandatory daily slappings. Once a day, at an appointed time, everyone in the human race stops what they are doing and trades a slap with a person close

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2 votes!

The Evolutionary Imperative for Promiscuous Women   by Erin Knox

        As a society it is important for us to call into question the sanctity, nay, safety of the single pair bonding that we are trying so hard to pigeon hole

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0 votes!

Argument: Women Must be Excluded From Every Aspect of the Political Process by G L Mislin

The American political campaign system was developed by and for men. Men are better able to present themselves and their qualifications persuasively to groups of people, while women are by nature, or

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