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The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra

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Hatchling on the Riverfront


The city was quiet along the riverfront that morning.  With the exception of a jogger sprinting along and a man sitting on a bench engrossed in his Dispatch, few warm blooded animals could be found.  In a nest of discarded newspaper, a McDonalds bag, and cut grass clippings, a single unattended egg wriggled and rocked as the creature inside wrestled within its confines.  With a victorious kick, at last the bespeckled shell cracked and a single foot protruded, followed by a leg, and then two.  One sharp taloned nail sliced open a larger crack, and the creature spilled out into the world, its eyes blinking furiously as it adjusted to the sunlight.

After much stretching, coos, and gurgles, inaudible to the occasional passerby, the creature stood wide eyed and curious, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells of his new home.  He became aware of his first need as his stomach growled.  Food must be found.  A whiff of the air led him to a nearby trashcan, where some kind of festering meat had been discarded.  At just over eight inches tall, with long feet and a bulky tail but awkwardly truncated arms, the creature eyed the promising trash can as an intimidating challenge.  Around the can, a squeak and some rustling belied he was not alone, and instinctively, the creature bolted towards the sound. He sat slurping up the last remnants of that poor mouse, its tail still hanging from his mouth when two giant two-legged creatures approached.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!” one giant creature screamed.  “Eeeek!” the little creature returned as he fled for cover.  He heard an ominous thud but didn’t dare turn to look.

“What WAS that thing?” a well-suited man asked, picking up the suitcase he dropped.

“What was what?” another suited man replied, stuffing the last of his Krispy Kream into his mouth and licking his finger tips.

“I swear I just saw a tiny T-Rex!”  He chuckled at his own statement.  “Probably a city rat.”

“Yeah, well, don’t tell anybody you’re seeing mini dinos, Senator.  The opposition would have a field day with that!” his companion advised.  And the two continued their morning walk towards the statehouse. 

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