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Everything Should Go to 11-It's 1 Better

by Susan Bradley

In today's world, we are surrounded by a variation of numbers-house numbers, the number of ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins, the number of apocalyptic horsemen, and that ridiculous pi. Although we never thought we would actually have to apply what we learned in high school math class, the joke is on us because numbers impact our daily lives. That's why I am raising a call to action of simplyfing the number system.  

We should regulate the vast array of numbers we have and everything should just to go to 11.  We can improve the traditional number line of 0-10 and do one better by going to 11. It was one of our founding fathers, Nigel of Spinal Tap who revolutionized the dimension of mathematics by introducing us to the concept of “These go to 11”.  This profound discovery was initially rejected, however; it is once again time to revisit this theory.

Everything is always based on ten. Ten fingers, ten toes, the power of ten, the freaking metric system. Ten, ten, ten, all the time-but there’s something better. Actually, there’s one better.

Imagine if Platform 9 ¾ had been Platform 11. Harry Potter would have been one better and kicked Voldemort’s ass while he was still a tumor on someone’s head.  No one would have died and Harry could have had a happy life.

Bo Derek could have been one better than she was in her movie 10 and would most likely have won an Academy Award for that performance.

Emergency number 9-1-1 has already embraced the theory of 11 and used as its phone number. Simplification has made it easy to remember. Information (411) and non-emergency (311) phone lines have also been adopted, thus proving that 11 is indeed better.

Even God added an 11th commandment–the golden rule, “Do unto other as you would have them do unto to”. The Almighty knows that 11 is one better, so he had Matthew write that one up for him.

Between work, family, Netflix, and sleeping, there is scarcely any time for anything else in our busy lives. That's why I ask for your support in simplifying the mathematical framework we have been learning and just let everything go up to 11. Afterall, it's 1 better. 


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