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The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra

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War is Good for U.S.

by Frederick Flynn

There are many reasons that war is good for the United States and all of humankind and most benefits are from Economic Darwinism and Evolution, being two versions of the survival of the fittest.  Business and science are amoral, and our domestic and likewise foreign policies based on warfare have been and should continue to be amoral.  Morality has no place in the marketplace or laboratory, and certainly nowhere on a battlefield.

A positive aspect of warfare supporting Economic Darwinism and Evolution is that those ruling class males, already in positions of prestige or being readied for such and never subjected to battle, will always have a wider selection of females because the other males are being culled by attrition.  And with many aggressive lower class males killed in battle, there is also a better range of choices for the lower class males who either chose not to participate or were not chosen to participate, and who will produce our next wave of non-commissioned officers.

Further, humans are very aggressive creatures, and need to vent that aggression or it leads to depression and domestic violence.  This is unacceptable.  Although national and international sports give some small vent to relieve this pressure, it is very important that a constant state of warfare be maintained, not only to support the above assertions, but also to ensure that at some point these team sports called 'war' involve controversial and terrifying deaths, keeping the voters busy with irreconcilable differences.  We cannot have peace.  There is neither profit nor Evolution in peace.

Most importantly, the military industrial complex has funded the stability of our leadership, which is of paramount importance. Though few benefit, military industrial complex businesses and corporations now have hard earned Constitutional protections and have contributed more toward the continuance of our leadership than any other set of industries.

In conclusion, unrest is critical to perpetuating our successful military industrial complex and war.  Both parties wisely have packaged controversies, which both trot out to propose and counter-propose each other to the point of inertia.  The current primary issues the media can report on this week are in progress now.  Neither side ever wants to settle any of these arguments.  They cannot or voters will have time to reconsider our policies abroad and the motivations of leadership, which would lead to instability in monetary streams.  The best events to fuel these insoluble issues are ones like the tragedy in Orlando, where homeland security, homophobia, Islam-phobia and gun control all gel together into an event the media can monetize and which keeps the irresponsible voters occupied in bitter argument.


We hold these truths to be self-evident.

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