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The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra

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The Evolutionary Imperative for Promiscuous Women  

by Erin Knox

        As a society it is important for us to call into question the sanctity, nay, safety of the single pair bonding that we are trying so hard to pigeon hole women into. Women are simply evolutionarily driven to seek multiple partners, and as such should not be forced into a social construct that they are not naturally built for. Genetically speaking, it is in the woman’s best interest to have sex with multiple partners, thus creating a better likelihood for genetically diverse offspring. Not only do sexual encounters with multiple partners provide a more diverse genetic pool to choose from, they, in point of fact, also create a greater opportunity to find the right provider for any offspring that may occur. If a woman has sex with multiple partners, especially in a small amount of time, she is more likely to find a caretaker for the offspring that would result from said couplings. In the wild it is not uncommon for the female of the species to have numerous sexual partners in one session. Take for instance female mouse lemurs. They are known to mate with upwards of seven males in a single night. With evidence such as this, how can we expect the female population not to be driven by such strong needs. It is unfair to try and constrain a woman into a monogamous relationship when hundreds of years of biological drives are pushing her to sleep with every single man that she sees. We as a society need to be more understanding of the strain that women are under, and not punish them. They have biological needs, and it isn’t their fault that men insist on walking around with their tanks tops cut all the way down to the bottom seam (if they have chosen to wear a shirt at all). So the next time that you hear of a woman cheating on your best friend, or if you experience sexual harassment from one, know that she is being driven by a force that is bigger than herself. It is difficult to fight off the urges that she is facing every day. Find room in your heart for compassion, and remember: punish the sin, but not the sinner. 

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