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The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra

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Argument: Women Must be Excluded From Every Aspect of the Political Process

by G L Mislin

The American political campaign system was developed by and for men. Men are better able to present themselves and their qualifications persuasively to groups of people, while women are by nature, or have been trained to be more demure in public, waiting for approval and praise from others, less able to sell themselves as leaders.

Women see value in ideas,so their speeches can seem vague and uncertain. They speak of improving the quality of life, supporting the family and wisdom in resource management. Men, particularly as they age into the years qualifying them for advanced public office, develop a passion for absolutes, and these they embrace without doubt or qualification. This gives a male politician the appearance of a strong and capable leader, or father, fulfilling the paternal role as protector of the population. 

Men do not hear the quiet voices, the weak voices, the needy voices of the people, so they are rarely troubled by them and centainty in women candidates is too often shaded by concerns men would not entertain. A woman candidate may dislike veganism, but she will hesitate ito stop the entry of vegans into the country at its borders, feeling it impolite to offend so man just because of her preferences. 

Witch trials, beauty pageants, popularity ratings of many kinds ("Who Wore it Better?" features in magazines), all have contributed to a woman's desire to be liked and accepted. This is the reason women can so rarely win elections against male candidates who blast their empty promises and vapid opinions into any microphone. Women are uncomfortable with absolutes, feeling that they are so often ill-served by them.

Just as women make poor political candidates in races, they make poor judges of male candidates. Even voting surely makes them uncomfortable, feeling uneasy making qualitative judgements about people they hardly know. Women must refrain from running for office or voting for those who do.

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