Read Local – A Raise the Water Level

When we were putting together design ideas for our t-shirt sale with Outfit Good, we had a spirited debate about whether or not to include the Columbus Creative Cooperative in the design.

Read Local TshirtUltimately we decided not to include our logo or any mention of our brand on the shirt.  I felt that it was more important to put together a t-shirt that would represent our constituents than to put out something that perpetuated our brand.

At the end of the day, we’re here to represent writers.  Not just the writers who come to our meetings, but writers everywhere.  Whether they’re a part of our group, or  part of one of the other great groups in Columbus, or part of no group at all, we want to do things that are helpful to all writers.

And whether you’re a writer, a reader, or just a supporter of local enterprise, “Read Local” is something that we can all stand behind.  It’s not about CCC, it’s about a movement of something important.

My friend Pat, who shares the CCC office at The Salt Mines with me, put it best.  He described it as “Raising the water level, so all the boats float.”  That’s exactly it.

We need more folks to make reading local a priority, just like we make eating local food, shopping at local businesses and listening to local music a priority.  We need to raise the awareness that great literature is being produced at a local and regional level.  If we can do that together, we all win, including CCC, but including all of the other writers and groups around the world who need readers to appreciate them at a local level.  It would be great if you purchase CCC books down the road, but more than anything else, we want you to read all kinds of locally produced literature.

At the end of the day, we feel that the “Read Local” cause is more important than propagating the name of our group.  We hope that you agree, and we hope that you’ll support this movement by purchasing one of these cool shirts from Outfit Good.

In addition to voicing you support for writers and for local literature, your purchase also provides funding for Columbus Creative Cooperative to continue to support local writers–the ones in our group and the ones in the broader community.

Thank you for your support.

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