Submissions Now Open: “Columbus, Ohio” Anthology

We are now officially accepting submissions for our next anthology, theme: Columbus, Ohio!  Please submit your short story today!

Submission Guidelines:
Entries should be prose, 1,500 to 7,000 words in length.  Submissions over 10,000 words will not be accepted.  There is no minimum word limit.

Stories must not exceed reasonable content for a PG-13 rating (language, violence and sexual themes with purpose are fine, excessive violence and graphic sexuality should be avoided).  More info here.

The theme, “Columbus, Ohio”, can be applied liberally. It does not have to be modern era Columbus.  It may be prehistoric Central Ohio, future Central Ohio, or even Columbus or one of its suburbs in a parallel universe. More information and theme examples here.

Fiction and non-fiction are both fine, however, we are expecting narratives (stories).

Here’s how to submit your work:

1.  Create a free CCC account (register here)
2.  Confirm your account by email
3.  Log into your account at
4.  Click on “Submit Work for Anthology”
5.  Fill out the simple form and upload your work.


Compensation: Selected writers will share a portion of the profits.  Submitting your work does not obligate you to publish with us.  If your work is selected, you’ll receive an offer, which you may choose to accept or decline at that time.

Submission Cost: Your first submission is free!  If you’d like to submit more than one entry, additional entries cost $9.  Paid co-op members may submit up to three entries at no charge.

Deadline: October 7, 2011 at 11:59 EST!

This book will be printed and distributed to local retailers, as well as published to Kindle Edition, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iBook, among others.  Release date TBD, but projected to be mid-December.

For more information on our publication process, please see our Publication Category and Publication FAQ.  Please contact us for more information.

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