Columbus: Past, Present and Future Table of Contents

Columbus AnthologyColumbus: Past, Present and Future, released September 19, 2012, features 23 short stories by Central Ohio authors.

Here’s a complete list of the included stories, in order of appearance in the book.

Foreword by Mayor Michel Coleman

Introduction by Brad Pauquette

“1812: A Whiskey Man” by Brad Pauquette

“1863: The Confluence” by Heidi Durig Heiby

“1898: Columbus Hides a Murder Great” by Casey McCarty

“1913: Hope Also Rises” by Deborah Cheever Cottle

“1927: The Ghost in the Southern Theatre” by Leslie Munnely

“1951: Duke Ellington Blesses the Wonder Bread” by Jay Fulmer

“1963: And a Year and a Year” by Drew Farnsworth

“1976: Breakaway” by Brenda Layman

“1982: Callahan’s Retail Museum” by Amy S. Dalrymple

“1993: What Is Real?” by Christopher Sunami

“2000: One Last Luau” by Janet Slike

“2005: The Christmas Virgin” by Chad Wellinger

“2008: The Year Everything Changed” by Bradley Nelson

“2012: Going Under” by Stephen C. David

“2015: The Circus House” by Jenny L. Maxey

“2024: The Tick” by Robert Alexander

“2042: Flight” by Kim Charles Younkin

“2070: Rewired” by Todd Metcalf

“2097: And Icarus Stands By” by Kim McCann

“2124: Finder’s Fee” by Birney Reed

“2150: Leave Up Out” by C.J. Edwards

“2187: Hep’s Bonanza” by S. Michael Nash

“2212: How to Rebuild a World in 2,536 Easy Steps” by Ben Orlando

Congratulations to all of the authors who were selected for this anthology.  Every story is a fantastic contribution.

Each story is also illustrated by a Columbus artist.  Browse the complete table of illustrations.

Columbus is available as a paperback or in a variety of e-book formats.  Find ordering options.