The Ides of March Table of Contents

The Ides of March Poetry AnthologyThe following poems and authors are featured in The Ides of March: An Anthology of Ohio Poets.

“Everyone’s Sky” by Steve Abbott
“Evidence” by Steve Abbott
“I Begin to Understand the Video Age” by Steve Abbott
“What She Brought” by MJ Abell
“The Day My Grandfather Died ” by Nin Andrews
“If” by Nin Andrews
“Two Kinds of Folk” by Nin Andrews
“Spring Buds” by David Baker
“March” by Joshua Butts
“A Hand Reaches Out” by Joshua Butts
“They Can Start Swimming in March” by Joshua Butts
“The History Channel Seeks Answers in Outer Space” by Nikkita Cohoon
“In the Acceleration to Cosmological Constant More Is Unknown than Known” by Nikkita Cohoon
“Live Stream: Apocalypse” by Nikkita Cohoon
“Spring” by Kevin Duffy
“In the Middle” by Sandra Feen
“It Is All” by Sandra Feen
“‘Beware the Ides of March'” by Charlene Fix
“Fiasco Under an Impeccable March Sky” by Charlene Fix
“The Fingers of Persephone” by Charlene Fix
“Making Love During a Terrorist Attack” by Kate Fox
“‘What Are You Prepared to Do?'” by Kate Fox
“Carciofi alla Romana” by Jennifer Hambrick
“Conspiracy” by Jennifer Hambrick
“Age Warps” byTerry Hermsen
“Fractal Walk” by Terry Hermsen*
“Mark Rothko, ‘Red Maroons’ (1962)” by Terry Hermsen *
“Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays” by Krista Hilton
“In the Middle of That Night” by Chad Jones
“Rubicon” by Mark Sebastian Jordan
“Crop-Dusting in a Rickety Plane in Shaky Weather & as Enhanced by the Unbearable Nature of Your Daze & the Miles-of-Nothingness Feast of Late” by Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis
“Frank O’Hara I Love You!” by Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis
“Pettifog: The Scientist and the Troubadour Collide” by Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis 53
“Apology to the Oracle” by Matt Kilbane
“Il Risorgimento” by Matt Kilbane
“In Which I Find Myself in the Middle” by Matt Kilbane
“Hip Bone Connection” by Gail Martineau
“Brotherhood” by Alexis Misko
“Lines Written at a Red Roof Inn While Watching a Movie About John Dillinger” by Nathan Moore
“Navigational Metrics” by Nathan Moore
“When Senators Attack” by Nathan Moore
“Meteoric” by Brad Pauquette
“Decision Maker” by Cynthia Rosi
“Judas and Brutus on Time in the Ninth Circle” by Alexis-Rueal
“Heart Attack Suite” by Barbara Sabol
“Nyx” by Barbara Sabol
“Thirteen Ways of Looking at Yarrow” by Barbara Sabol
“Good Friday: Ellicottsville, IN” by Sherri B. Saines
“Handling Death” by Jack Schwarz
“Pleated Heart” by Jack Schwarz
“Winter Offering: Turning Forty” by Jack Schwarz
“Bad Key” by Natalie Shapero
“Lean Time” by Natalie Shapero
“Spare Me” by Natalie Shapero
“Botany in the Underworld” by Hannah Stephenson
“It Is in the Knife” by Hannah Stephenson
“You Knew What I Was When You Picked Me Up” by Hannah Stephenson 87
“Another Storm Poem” by Jordy Lawrence Stewart
“A Hallway Poem” by Joy Sullivan
“My Hips Quaked & You” by Joy Sullivan
“Percussion (re)” by Joy Sullivan
“Tender” by Dameion Wagner
“Tornado Sirens” by Dameion Wagner
“If You Think There Is Nothing for You Here” by Scott Woods
“Mistaken” by Scott Woods
“To the High School Thug Who Broke into His English Teacher’s Car” by Scott Woods

*Only in print version

Congratulations to all of the poets whose work was selected for this anthology!

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