A Community of Writers

We believe that community and collaboration are critical to successful writers. The Ohio Writers’ Association provides opportunities for writers to support and learn from one another and hone their writing skills.

Please see our calendar for upcoming workshops, classes, seminars and events.

Writers’ Workshops:

Writers of all genres, formats and experience levels are invited to join us for writers' workshops. We believe that honest feedback is crucial to success as a writer. We all need honest readers in our lives that will tell us the things our friends won't, and that's the atmosphere we foster at our workshops. We believe that all of our work must be exceptional to find room in the marketplace. Our writers' workshops provide a moderated forum for exchanging useful criticism of short stories, novel chapters, essays, and poems written by members of the group.

Writers’ workshops take place in Columbus, OH and Zanesville, OH on an alternating basis. See the calendar for a complete list of upcoming workshops, classes, and events.

Every OWA workshop is hosted by a facilitator that understands and appreciates the OWA model. If you'd like to host an OWA workshop in your Ohio town, please reach out to us.


We offer classes to support writers. Many of these classes cover technical skills which talented writers need in order to be effective in the marketplace. Being a great writer is sometimes not enough, our classes round out your skillset so that you can produce great content and make it work for clients in the real world.

In the fall of 2018, we'll be offering a complete curriculum for current and prospective bloggers and web-market writers. If you're interested in writing professionally for clients on the web, this course will compliment your writing skills with technical skills and set you above the competition.

Seminars & Special Events:

Throughout the year the Ohio Writers’ Association will present additional events designed to connect writers with their peers, to provide opportunity for growth as writers, and to increase realistic knowledge of the marketplace. The schedule of events will vary from year to year, but past events have included: writers’ retreats, write-ins, and seminars on writing and publishing.

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The Ohio Writers' Association is a robust organization. Read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us with questions.